Neo Classic (Between Marble and Wood) ~ INTERIOR DESIGN

Owner Mr D

Bintan Island
Jalan Pamedan


Elegant, luxurious and timeless, neoclassical design is all about melding tradition with modern, contemporary pieces for an interior that will seriously impress. Whether it’s the enduring colour palette that has you enthralled or the trend-defying nature of the style, neoclassicism is one of the most popular design genres for a reason. But how to get there, without feeling overdone? We take you through four simple rules to stick with to ensure a fresh approach.

Neoclassicism is all about muted colours. Whites, creams, greys can be accentuated with pops of black, yellow or green. In 2018, we suggest adding elements of gold and brown to modernise the look—beige might be good for a room, but colour adds much-needed depth to a home.

Neoclassicism is all about refined luxury—with some seriously over-the-top finishing touches. If that sounds like a contradiction, it is. As the colourway stays refined, it’s the shapes and accessories where the bold statements are made. Think bulbous furniture and classic styling, but add an element of luxury with gold hardware lighting, beautiful artwork or a chandelier. Take inspiration from the style’s Greco-Roman roots and decorate with ornaments for authenticity use—but don’t go overboard. A modern and chic take on the style is all about paring it back. Less is more.

When decorating in a neoclassical style, make sure to stay within the theme, but ensure there’s a point of difference with every piece. Confused? Don’t be. Stick with a theme and follow it. Think, furniture that’s in the same family: chairs with similar chairs and so on. For traditional neoclassicism, try geometric shapes, clean lines and detailed carvings. Use finishing touches like headboards and wallpaper to match the style of the furniture and tie it all together. In other words, everything should be the same, but different.

Going overboard on the colours or accessories can turn a beautiful home into a tacky one. And with neoclassicism’s potential for statement making, there’s a fine line to toe when choosing your furniture. When playing with neoclassical elements, we suggest enlisting the help of a professional interior designer, as the style is often tricky to pull off—especially if your house isn’t traditionally endowed with intricate architecture details. For at-home stylists, make sure to match like colours and mix textiles for a room with genuine depth.

Contemporer Classic (Living in Nature) ~ INTERIOR DESIGN

Owner Mr. E
Batam – Oriental


The classic interior house design originated from the European culture, like Victorian and Art Deco also the Greek and the Roman are the main inspirations of the classic design. The classic design and the modern design are mixed together and the result was the European modern classic interior design.

The furniture of this style is a combination of modern and classic style with a minimalist style or a combination of modern style with simple style. The furniture is not very modern but still trendy today. It is simple and has less carving on it. The main color for this style is brown, beige, black or chocolate brown.

To have this combination of classic and modern, color is the main ingredient. The modern colors are represented in colors like gray, silver, white, black, dark chocolate and grayest blue shades

You can make this style more attractive to you by adorning this space with several nice accessories, but do not bring too many accessories and decorations. You can choose decorations like a vase of single flower, a big painting on the wall, and some geometric patterned throw pillows.

As for the windows you can leave them bare to bring more sunshine into the room. However, if you do not want too much light, you can install window blind for simple window treatment.

You can achieve this style using this combination of classic and modern, color as the main ingredient. The modern colors are represented in colors like gray, silver, white, black, dark chocolate and grayest blue shades.

Don’t exaggerated on the accessories and decorations. Paint your wall, if you like geometric patterns good use that for examples on some pillows. Use a vase of a single flower and put it on the table. Simple, clean and effective.
The furniture of modern classic style is a combination of modern and classic style with a minimalist style or a combination of this style with another simple style. The furniture is not very modern but still trendy today. It is simple and has less carving on it. The main color for this style is brown, beige, black or chocolate brown and gray, silver, white, black, dark.

Modern Contemporer (Starship) ~ INTERIOR DESIGN

Owner : Mr TW
Location West of Jakarta
Kusuma – Jelambar

Modern design refers to the specific time period from the early to mid-twentieth century. The style is a precursor to contemporary design, with key figures including Le Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames, and Florence Knoll. The inception of modern design happened at the peak of the modern art movement, informed by Scandinavian and German Bauhaus design. The distinct style focused on simple form and function, which are valued as equals under this style. Think earthy palettes, natural materials like wood, leather, and stone, and streamlined silhouettes.

Unlike modern design, contemporary design doesn’t refer to a specific period of time—it’s constantly evolving to reflect the popular styles of present day design. It borrows qualities from modernism, minimalism, Art Deco, and other global styles, without hyper-focusing on any one in particular. Though contemporary design is, by nature, fairly ambiguous, there are a few qualities that help define the contemporary style. Neutral palettes, stark minimalism, clean lines, and organic silhouettes are some of the prominent characteristics. You can expect to see materials including nickel, steel, and chrome, combined with natural textures like hemp or jute.

Contemporary is, by definition, what’s happening in design at this very moment in time. This definition makes it more fluid and hard to pin down. Modern design, on the other hand, has a distinguishable aesthetic that emphasizes crisp lines, warm neutrals, and balance.

Classic Interior Concept (Elegance of Pastel) ~ INTERIOR DESIGN

Owner: Mrs. V

Batam – Indonesia
Mitra Raya

Classical interior design is a blend of both Greek and roman interior design. This designing basically deals with perfect harmony, balance and order. Giving your interiors a classical look means bringing them much closer to the earlier period when interior designs like Rococo, Victorian and many such were in trend. Classical interior designing has its own aura and is one which never goes out of style. So if you so wish to style your place in a more traditional manner here are some classical interior designing ideas that will surely help you in your interior décor.

Order symmetry and balance are the key features of classical interior designing. If you have at least one mirror in a room make sure to balance it with another. Also keep in mind to continue some features of a room to another. Do not decorate every room with a different style all together, this will surely lead to asymmetry.

Any wooden statue, a beautiful piece of wooden art or a beautiful wooden table can act like one of the focal points. Keep in mind that when you are creating a focal point, thus other accessories in the area should be in accordance with it. For example a featured fire place flanked on either side by matching armchairs with an ornate mirror above can help you give your room a classic look.

Hues common in classical interior designing style are basically inspired by nature. Shades of yellow, blue, green and brown, even some softer muted colours such as terracotta, grey and pink are very much in trend. When going for whites if you wish to have a more authentic classical look try and go for off-white but if you wish to give your interiors a contemporary feel choose bright white.