Ideas for Modern Interior Design

The main feature of modern interior design is a detail – the emphasis on some things, whether it’s furniture, accessory or something else.

In the modern interior look great inscribed in the niche wall and the ceiling lamps. Nice if the walls are many Japanese graphics. In a niche you can put simple, but very harmonious bouquet of red, yellow and orange tones.

Fashion trends in the dining room table and chairs mean executed in ocher and flesh tones. On the table you can put a modern vase with flowers. In the dining room on the dresser looks trendy square plate in the style of Japanese decorative arts: the ocher background angular branch of a flowering tree.

The modern interior is necessary to have three main components: space, air and light. First of all, is the abundance of pastel colors: from red-brown in parts of the tree to light in the dairy elements of decoration. Yellow – the most vivid and bright, shining, sunny, impacts of energy. This interior seems steeped in the sun and creates a sense of their internal chronology of the seasons. Like the apartment is always late summer or early autumn. Often, it is impossible to judge the true size of the room: color and spatial play, which expands its proportions, smooth heavy.

Tables, chairs and sofas, covered with yellow cloth body – a good idea in a modern interior. They almost merge with the background wall and dissolve into space. Some cold blue cushions does not interfere with this impression, but strengthens it.

Remember that modern interior must have laconic interior, which dissolves in itself any, eliminates all loud and dramatic. Even the voices are heard loudly, quietly. Minimalism in a simple and strict bed is usually made of modern houses – the style is progressive, which confirms its growing popularity. Not for nothing is that often in this style make out the house the young people, people of modern, contemporary people who seek the ultimate in comfort by the shortest route. And since the invention of Japanese minimalism, we consciously or unconsciously draw our views to the east, to the culture of the ancient land of the rising sun with its simple, close to the perfection of form, spatial freedom, functionality, mobility and the philosophy of contemplation.