The Secret Sensations Of Modern Interior Design

Interior design is best described as a form of art. If you hire a decorator to bring some magic and new sense into your home, and he claims to be an artist, you just nod your head in agreement. The aim of interior design is not just to decorate. Decoration and design are inherently different terms that should not be mistaken as one and the same. For example, you decorate your Christmas tree, you don’t design it. You can decorate your baby’s crib by adding some rotating stars and planets on top, miraculously hanging by a thin string masterfully engineered somewhere in China.

Interior design has feelings attached to it. It is often a combination of related projects, rather than just one (putting the star on the Christmas tree). The aim of those activities is to create human emotion by effectively setting up an interior space. Think of aesthetics combined with healthy living. Interior design is supposed to offer solution to stress relief by presenting you, or the occupants of a home, with an interior that can enhance their way of life.

What are the goals of interior design?
In broad terms, the goal is to follow a systematic and well coordinated methodology in order to achieve an end goal. This often includes integration of knowledge in relation to creative design, the conduction of extensive research, and analysis. Interior designers look into a person’s culture, way of life and understanding of nature before they even suggest a reformation of a home. The goals of interior design are to satisfy both the eye and the soul. Rarely, the goal is to have other people come into your home and sigh at your walls and furniture. Rarely, a member of the humane society would use tiger skin as a carpet just so other people can admire it.

Back in the day, interior design was mostly available to the aristocracy. Maximizing or modifying the external space was not something regular folks would have considered. The game has changed though. Nowadays everyone tries to make their homes attractive, and the easiest way to do so is by modernizing it.

This is where modern interior design comes in. “Modern”, in this sense, can be recognized by its clean and unadorned interior. High end furniture is made of plywood, wood, leather and linen materials. It is often made to stand open and raised off the floor, giving you an airy sensation. Coffee tables are made in aerodynamic shapes, often not giving you the chance to place a coffee cup on them. Rugs are non-existent, unless they are neutral colours (black or white) and are placed in one corner of the room. Hardwood floors are the industry’s winners when it comes to modernity.

What I find difficult to cope with, is that modern interior design is not very sensual, it is cold. When I walk into a home and I feel the hard and cold hardwood under my feet, I can’t help it but think about the nice large rug that I have at home. Space-shaped furniture also does not help make me feel at home. Sure, it looks good and interesting, but so did people’s heads butchered on pikes a few hundred years ago.

5 Amazing Modern Interior Design Ideas

A style-savvy decor fanatic can never have enough modern interior design ideas! There is nothing better than giving a room (or entire home!) a fresh new makeover – especially if it only takes small changes to make a big difference. Sometimes a room doesn’t require an entire facelift, only a few nips and tucks here and there!

1. Smart Storage is Always Stylish

Modern interior design ideas are all about clean lines, open spaces, and most important: sensibility. One of the most well-loved aspects of contemporary decor is the acceptance that less is more – except when it comes to multi-functional pieces of furniture! Anything with hidden shelves, drawers, or compartments is a smart solution to clutter. Functionality is the top priority here, so get on board with accessories that do more than just look good.

2. Use Mirrors to Reflect the Best

Mirrors have the ability to take existing decor aspects and present them in an entirely new context. Whether you have a beautiful accent wall, an especially attractive plant or piece of furniture, or an outstanding view of the outdoors – let it speak with twice the strength by featuring it in a simple mirror or reflective surface! Glossy tabletops can even be used to showcase textured ceilings or interesting lighting fixtures.

3. Create, Rearrange, and Modify Casual Areas

If you have a living room equipped to comfortably seat ten, but your usual occupancy is restricted to lower numbers, consider swapping out some of that bulky furniture in favor for more floor space. Look instead for stools that can be stored under tables, attractive multi-use floor pillows, or ultra-modern stacking chairs that can be pulled out only when needed. Negative space plays just as important a role as any other modern interior design ideas.

4. Textures Are an Easy Game Changer

Looking for quick and painless modern interior design ideas to add some warmth to an otherwise lifeless area? Does a specific corner look empty despite tasteful decorations? When geometry and balance are not quite enough to add that “wow” factor, consider adding some texture to the equation. Add a raw piece of organic matter like a branch, a simple throw pillow or blanket, or a richly textured knick-knack to either soften or harden a look.

5. Throw a Curve Ball with Patterns

Color is the most popular way to add some spice to a room, but what about some love for patterns? Modern design relies heavily on using geometry and special interaction to create personality, but a bit of the bold has never hurt anyone. Paper the back of a shelf unit, or hang up a stylistic print. Even subtle details can make all of the difference: several small objects can easily be replaced by lovely print – reducing clutter without losing an ounce of personality.

Even moving around furniture or removing furniture and decor can inspire unique modern interior design ideas because nothing gets creativity flowing like a little bit of experimentation. There are never any bad design choices – only temporary ones!

Ideas for Modern Interior Design

The main feature of modern interior design is a detail – the emphasis on some things, whether it’s furniture, accessory or something else.

In the modern interior look great inscribed in the niche wall and the ceiling lamps. Nice if the walls are many Japanese graphics. In a niche you can put simple, but very harmonious bouquet of red, yellow and orange tones.

Fashion trends in the dining room table and chairs mean executed in ocher and flesh tones. On the table you can put a modern vase with flowers. In the dining room on the dresser looks trendy square plate in the style of Japanese decorative arts: the ocher background angular branch of a flowering tree.

The modern interior is necessary to have three main components: space, air and light. First of all, is the abundance of pastel colors: from red-brown in parts of the tree to light in the dairy elements of decoration. Yellow – the most vivid and bright, shining, sunny, impacts of energy. This interior seems steeped in the sun and creates a sense of their internal chronology of the seasons. Like the apartment is always late summer or early autumn. Often, it is impossible to judge the true size of the room: color and spatial play, which expands its proportions, smooth heavy.

Tables, chairs and sofas, covered with yellow cloth body – a good idea in a modern interior. They almost merge with the background wall and dissolve into space. Some cold blue cushions does not interfere with this impression, but strengthens it.

Remember that modern interior must have laconic interior, which dissolves in itself any, eliminates all loud and dramatic. Even the voices are heard loudly, quietly. Minimalism in a simple and strict bed is usually made of modern houses – the style is progressive, which confirms its growing popularity. Not for nothing is that often in this style make out the house the young people, people of modern, contemporary people who seek the ultimate in comfort by the shortest route. And since the invention of Japanese minimalism, we consciously or unconsciously draw our views to the east, to the culture of the ancient land of the rising sun with its simple, close to the perfection of form, spatial freedom, functionality, mobility and the philosophy of contemplation.

Modern Interior Design Trends 2015

Modern interior design trends in 2015 seem to be a very tight competition from interiordesigners. Especially those who are deliberately designing a roomwith a modern theme. Of course, many new breakthroughs related to modern concepts continue to be dug in order to sell in the market. For those of you who do like the theme of modern interiordesign can have a look through the internet, andit turns out that a lot. Your own livingwills that determines who want a moderninterior design such as what you want. If you want to know more related to modern interior design trends in 2015 can attend a variety of interior designexhibition that usually are carried on at certain times. Remember in the exhibition are usually the latest works ofthe famous designerswill be on display, especially those whichare specially designed with a modern concept.

Modern Interior Design, Interior Design, bedroom interior design ideas, kitchen design interior
Modern Interior Design Trends 2015

If I asked youthe readers of this blog if you like themodern interior designs? There may be some of you that said yes and some are answered no. Actuallyfor me personally when I asked it more fun but still moderninterior design in which there are elements of traditionalor classical. For example, for the design ofthe living room is fine ranging from wallsto the existinglighting accessories in the living roomis modern indesign, but there is a sofa and table in the living room in designs using natural materials, namely wood, even on the couch thebeautifully carved, so although looksmodern but stilltraditional elements, so of course it will be more interesting for those of youwho have it.

Modern Interior Design, Interior Design, bedroom interior design ideas, kitchen design interior
Modern Interior Design Trends 2015

For modern interior design trends in 2015 is itself still seems to accentuate the development of technology, and also form the unique or differentfrom the usual interiordesign. The living room is modern in design with the themethere are sofaswith muted color cast that is brown or black, where the walls of the living room itself is equipped with a large size flatTV, not to mention a wide range of furniture to put CD Player collection. As for the roofin the living room was already in an ornatecoat, not to mention the added in various forms of decorative lights that make the guests more comfortable being there.

Modern interiordesign for the living room itself was visible from the base whichappears layered withthick skin rug thatis certainly the price is also quite expensive, tables and sofas for seating members of a family, not to mention a closet to puta variety of entertainment equipment. Not to mention the added with a fireplace that is designed in a modern way without any fuel from wood, but from otherfuels so that the resulting fire also looks gorgeous, and the smokewill not contaminate the room.

Modern Interior Design, Interior Design, bedroom interior design ideas, kitchen design interior
Modern Interior Design Trends 2015
Modern Interior Design, Interior Design, bedroom interior design ideas, kitchen design interior
Modern Interior Design Trends 2015

Modern Interior Design, Interior Design, bedroom interior design ideas, kitchen design interior
Modern Interior Design Trends 2015