Not Pink and Beautiful Teen Girl Bedrooms

We all know how beautiful the color pink is for girl’s bedrooms, but in today’s modern world there are plenty of beautiful rooms for our daughters other then the color pink. I love girl’s rooms because even on the cloudy of days girls rooms seems sunny thanks to the many beautiful hues that
are available for girls bedrooms. Today we can paint the walls blue, green and even gray for a girl’s room and still walk away with a beautiful girly room, Check out some amazing bedrooms below for girls that are not all pink but other colors of the rainbow.

Not Pink and Beautiful Teen Girl  Bedrooms- Blue and green girls bedroom.
Light purple and gray girls bedroom
OK a little bit a pink don’t hurt but this is more of a purple and dusty rose color and its just beautiful.
Black and white girls bedroom
I cant say enough about this beautiful vintage bedroom for teen girls, this room has an array of colors and it couldn’t be more beautiful!!
I love the neutral background color of this girls bedroom. While it has some pink peaking through its just a pinch and its so lovely who cares, not to mention all the other colors in the bedding.


Sea green color teen girls bedroom
Blue and green for teenage girls bedroom is beautiful
Green, brown and pops of pink make this girls bedroom lovely
Yellow , green and coral for teen girls bedroom. Beautiful!!
Love the green and brown is this teen girls bedroom- Love it!!
Check out this beautiful orange  bunk bed- I think this is one of my favorites colors in this gorgeous teen girls bedrooms
Not Pink and Beautiful Teen Girl  Bedrooms
Not Pink and Beautiful Teen Girl  Bedrooms
Purple Teen Girls Bedroom
Not Pink and Beautiful Teen Girl  Bedrooms
I love the color blue and green for a girls room and especially this room. I love how the blue and green is the pop of color and the walls are white making for a perfect backdrop.






Neutral and beautiful girls bedroom
Not Pink and Beautiful Teen Girl  Bedrooms
Not Pink and Beautiful Teen Girl  Bedrooms








Teen girls bedroom color light turquoise
Teen Girls bedroom black, white and red
love the splash of yellow in this teen girls bedroom
How about this beautiful Coral color for a teen girls bedroom?
Black and white teen girls bedroom
Yellow and gray teen girls bedrooms

Which Not Pink and Beautiful Teen Girl Bedrooms did you like most?

Do you think using any of these ideas in your daughters room is likely?