Contemporer "Batik is our heritage"

Owner: Mr. TT

Hotel Boutique Harbour Bay Batam
Batam – Indonesia

“It is so important that the world finally recognize and acknowledge batik as an Indonesian heritage,

Batik has always been and always be Indonesia’s leading heritage. The masterfully painted cloth is known internationally for its unique style and traditional ambiance. Batik is one of Indonesia’s proudest heritages.

Traditional batik has notable meanings with roots in the Javanese conceptualization of the universe. Particular designs are associated with specific religious ceremonies, some are reserved for the Sultan and his family, and certain areas are known for a predominance of specific designs. It might take considerable study to completely understand the different types of batik designs and their origins (there are so many); the colors, patterns, and concepts vary vastly depending on where the batik was produced-but appreciation is most absolutely instant. The best place to get traditional batik textiles is in Central Java, although Bali and any other island in Indonesia has their own distinctive styles, many of which are modern.

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