Contemporer “Reflection of Nature” ~ INTERIOR DESIGN

Owner: Mr. W

Bukit Permata
Batam – Indonesia

There’s something just so peaceful about being in a place like nature. I mean, take a look at the reflection of nature.

Mountains reflected in a pool of water or an overall color palette of browns and greens. Walls, furniture and accent décor made from wood and stone or large windows that allow the landscapes of the outdoors to feel close by. There are many ways to bring nature into a design. This blending of materials with the design creates a serene setting perfect for combination.

Light changes forms throughout the day, and designer changes with the light. This is one of the main
challenges of design. Choosing the light to balance and render the forms of the room is critical to a good lighting. Shadows define form, shadows and light, time of day and angle of the sun all play a role in defining form. Light also changes with the time of year, and time of year is important in telling the story of a design.

Anything natural is cherished in the field of concept. The more natural a piece of design,

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