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That’s right! After many years of being out of fashion the “yellow” metals like gold, brass, and light bronze are back with a vengeance. For most of the millennium to date the whiter metals like nickel, chrome and stainless steel have reigned supreme but move over white metals because now the yellow metals are back and they are making a huge assault on interior furnishings.

They are literally showing up everywhere in interior design, fashion, and industrial design. You probably know that rose gold has been big in jewelry and watches for some time and now as usual fashion trends trickle down to interior design. These “yellow” metals are showing up in lighting, furniture, hardware, accessories, mirrors, fabrics and wallpapers. At first you might think they are garish or dated but with today’s popular white and light interiors a warm metal like brass or gold can be a very elegant accent. The whiter metals still rule in ultra-modern interiors but for those who want some warmth in their contemporary rooms the yellow metals are a great resource.

The good news however is we no longer use just one metal finish in an interior. Today it is OK to mix metals in your home. As long as you know how to do it well. For instance your metal coffee table or lamp does not have to match your drapery rods or door knobs. Mix it up for more interest. Breaking the rules is a good thing if you know how.

The dark brown metal has been very popular for over a decade but with lighter interiors and the predominance of white rooms and white kitchens, these darker bronze finishes are coming off as too high contract with white rooms and appear so dark that one almost thinks they are black. This is where a lighter yellow bronze can do the job.

Look for gold, brass and the lighter yellow bronze and see if you start noticing them. You will also see copper too. Happy observing.

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