Parents Bedroom (Pastel and Soft) ~ INTERIOR DESIGN

Mrs. N
West Jakarta – Indonesia

Pastel color schemes can be used with a variety of decorating styles. The most creative pastel palette ideas usher in summer and spring goodness. You can combine pastels with gentle whites or sophisticated grays and every combination looks absolutely stunning. Match the elegance and soothing charm of pastel hues with our guide below.

Whether you offset gentle shades with crisp white, combine them with more vivid colors, go subtle with a touch of pastel style, or saturate your space with these irresistible hues, you’re sure to have a winning interior.

We begin with a tried and true strategy for heightening the effect of pastels: pairing them with crisp white! In fact, many prefer to let soft hues speak for themselves simply by NOT covering the room with them. For example, an accent wall gets the job done, especially when complemented by silver lines in the same hue.

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